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Welding Solutions.

Welding cobots. Welding at high speed, accurately, safely and at low cost.

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About our Welding Solutions

Welding with a cobot has advantages over a welding robot. A welding robot is a very accessible and flexible tool for manual welders. More output with fewer welders due to automation.

Can you work with a smartphone? Then you learn the basics of working with a cobot in half a day and you can safely work with it independently.

With handy apps and a simple user interface you can easily tell the cobot what needs to be done.
Because the cobot is safe to use without fences, the cobot is also mobile, from one workplace to another.


Collaborative. Easy and safe to use.


WeCobot has developed its own software in the form of apps, also called URCaps. This allows users to easily use functionalities for e.g. commuting, multi layer welding work and even weld seam searching.

A Cobot works safely with people. New technology enables a cobot to detect forces that are released, for example, in a collision between man and machine. The cobot then stops in safe mode. In order to be able to weld safely with a cobot, a number of extra safety measures have been added. For example, the cobot gives a warning before every start of the welding source.


Welding sources.

Mig/Mag or TIG. Which brand and type of welding source is used depends on what welding technique is needed and the preference of a customer. We work with different brands and types of welding sources. Mainly Fronius and Kemppi. We also have experience with Lorch, Migatronic and EWM.






Magnetic base.

With our welding table base for Siegmund or Demmeler welding tables, the cobot can easily be placed on (existing) welding tables and moved by means of welding table clamping bolts. In this way repeat orders do not have to be reset or programmed.

By means of a magnetic base, the cobot can be robustly attached to any steel surface. WeCobot has several types of magnetic bases with powerful mechanically switched permanent magnets. With these, the cobot can even be mounted vertically.

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Cobot Solutions

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