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Cobots or Robots, what is a cobot?

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are robots intended to interact with humans. The difference between a Collaborative robot and an ‘ordinary’ robot is like an apple and a pear.

Cobots vs robots

What are cobots?What are the differences? And in a way, are they both fruit? I regularly advise customers to buy a robot, although we do not sell them ourselves. Robots are faster and can handle much higher payloads than cobots. But to be able to work safely with a robot, they often stand behind a fence doing ‘their thing’. Ideal for large series and mass production.

Cobots can work safely with people without the use of fences. They are limited in speed and power, but are more flexible and can be deployed faster! Cobots are very easy to operate. If you get along well with a smartphone, you often learn the basics of learning a cobot within half a day. Our Cobot welding solution, for example, allows you to place it next to a professional on his welding table. This can be interesting from a single piece or a small series.

Payback time

According to UniversalRobots, cobot manufacturer and market leader, the average payback time is only 195 days!

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