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About WeCobot

WeCobot was founded in 2017 by two engineers with a passion for production processes and automation. Ton Bos and Bas Rutgers want to introduce cobots to the world. A cobot can make a production process better, more efficient and more fun. In the first year, WeCobot started with a number of custom-made (welding) solutions for local customers. Meanwhile, WeCobot has grown into a player with international partners and as the market leader in Cobot welding solutions.

For some regions in the world we are still looking for resellers/partners. Please contact us for the possibilities. We aim for long-term relationships based on win-win.

WeCobot About us

Our team

Our team consists of a rapidly growing group of professionals. We are always looking for new talent. Are you willing to join us? We would like to hear from you!

+31 (0)387853490

WeCobot B.V. - Baileystraat 2M - 8013 RV Zwolle - the Netherlands

Cobot Solutions

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