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Welding Solutions.

welding solutions wecobot
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Welding Cobot Advantages.

A welding robot is controlled by software and can carry out pre-programmed welding activities completely independently.

High Speed

High welding speeds. Excellent repeatability. Very accurate and beautiful welding seam.


The risk for human welders is reduced such as welding eyes and combustion.

Low Costs

Very suitable for large quantities of identical products. Quick payback. 


The #1 Cobot welding app.

WeCobot creates all in one tech solutions.

Cobot Automation. WeCobot creates all in one tech solutions for the complex needs of the Palletizer and Welding Cobot industry. We develop smart software and hardware solutions to relieve and help people. Safe and automated. WeCobot’s mission is to optimize business processes with collaborative robots. WeCobot delivers customized solutions for your automation needs. We do this with a total solution of cobots and software.

Cobot Automation.

People work more effectively and efficiently with cobots.

WeCobot solutions

Palletizer Solutions.

cobot palletizer

Palletizer cobots are machines for fast, inexpensive and automated stacking of boxes. The palletizer cobot stacks boxes of light to medium weight on pallets. WeCobot offers the total solution.

We offer three versions of the palletizer cobot: the Daniel, Jona and Tom edition. The versions differ in the weight that the cobot can lift, accessories and software applications.

cobot palletizer stacking

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